At the Italian Wine Society, we aim to increase the awareness of Italy’s magnificent wine culture. We are both a business and a community.
It is a business that specialises in the promotion of quality Italian wines in Australia, providing a set of services to producers, importers, restaurants, wine bars, sommeliers, retailers and also direct to consumers.

It is also a community of like-minded individuals who share the same aspirations of exploring and appreciating Italian wine, are culturally curious and passionately engaged in the world of wine.

Our members are women and men who are either already in love with, or inquisitive about Italian wines. They are also interested in wine history and the uncompromising quality of life of Italians – aka “La Dolce Vita”.

The intent of creating the Italian Wine Society in Australia is first and foremost to share our passion for Italian wines and Italian culture in Australia. Last but not least, the IWS is also a witness of great Italian stories, of important families, of men and women who firmly believe in Italy. Stories of passion, pride, daily commitment and hope.

“I believe that being “Italian” is all about adopting our lifestyle attitude regardless of your place of birth. The Italian lifestyle is abundant, cheerful, full of worldly pleasures and it can be lived everywhere, no matter where you’re from. And the Italian Wine Society aim to bring Italy to you without leaving town.” – Daniel Marcella, Founder of IWS & Wine Expert

For Italian Wine Producer

For Italian wine producer

The IWS offer a unique and personalised marketing campaign, finding importers and helping to gain a foothold in Australia, while raising brand awareness, interest and creating demand before supply. The IWS team communicates the relevant information about your winemaking and viticulture directly impacting on current and future sales.

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For wine importer

For wine importer

The ISW provide comprehensive support service, bringing out the best of each portfolio, discovering new buying opportunities across the industry, strengthening existing trade relationships and running a superior schedule of events. Converting visitors to brand champions is about language and confidence and we are excited to offer our expertise to ensure your brand gets the exposure it deserves.

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