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Italian Wine Society. New look. Same Devotion.

There comes a time when a brand no longer works for a business. And this time has arrived for Italian Wine Society. To understand the future of our brand, we want to share what brought us here.

When Daniel Marcella founded the Italian Wine Society (IWS) in 2020, the company wasn’t distinguishable from its competitors, despite its unique brand story. Since then, IWS has become a lifestyle brand focused on fostering a growing community of people passionate about the world of Italian wines. We’ve evolved beyond importing Italian wines to Australia and unfolded the creation of social events, guiding classes, and connecting people through Italian wine, its history, and culture on a more intimate and profound level. We saw rebranding as an answer to these changes. 


IWS is a human business, meaning that our members and clients were vital for shaping what we became and will continue doing so. Their input and loyalty to IWS made us create new bespoke products and services catering for their needs, evolving our relationship closer and closer together. Like an authentic Italian family.


While IWS reputation is recognised for its outstanding customer service, extraordinary Italian wines and delivering sophisticated content, our brand was generic and didn’t speak of our uniqueness. But, backed by our founder’s unparalleled qualifications in Italian wines and his long professional experience and passion for sharing his knowledge, it was time to present IWS as the unprecedented Australian business it truly is. IWS’ new brand honours its Italian roots with new colours, a noble logo and personal messaging. 



Moving away from the generic colours and symbols of wine, IWS’ new brand embraces the Italian official colour blue, or Azzurro, in tribute to Italy. Blue became an Italian national colour with the unification of Italy in 1861, and for us, it consolidates IWS as a close community. Our secondary colours are cream, black and white, representing our classic style—the ochre credits Italy’s nurturing land, and the bright yellow symbolises the Mediterranean sun and its life-giving warmth. 


The construction of our new logo was inspired by researching a collection of antique coats of arms. Conveying a contemporary read of this classic symbol, it manages to express pride and loyalty simultaneously. The oval shapes are also undeniably classic and sophisticated and symbolise our business’ family. Finally, the grapes on top and the grape leaves on each side are a humble reminder of our business’ origins.


A modern read of Latin ligature, the official language of the Roman Empire, IWS’ main font symbolises the pick of the Italian civilisation, its culture and strength. Today, over a billion people’s first language is derived from Latin, and our choice of typography reinforces a sense of inclusion and connection that our community has grown in and outside of Italy.

Brand Elements

Inspired by the ornaments created by Giambattista Bodoni, IWS’ brand elements are modern versions of his repertoire from 1788. With a plethora of one hundred hand-drawn motifs designed exclusively for IWS’ visual identity, a wealth of creative compositions and applications will be made. 

IWS’ rebrand was preceded by thorough research conducted by the Sydney-based agency MOBBIDO.