2014 Ionis Ater Primitivo di Manduria DOC
2014 Ionis Ater Primitivo di Manduria DOC
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2014 Ionis Ater Primitivo di Manduria DOC



• 6 bottle of 2014 Ionis Ater Primitivo di Manduria DOC

Great expression of a noble grape-like Primitivo. For this wine, the harvest takes place at night to maintain and guarantee a particular acidity to the wine. This acid content refreshes the complexity and robustness on the palate. The vintage tells of tertiary and complex aromas. A great choice of meditation wine.

Great Apulian wine that expresses tertiary aromas due to ageing. I particularly like to pair this Primitivo with Indian curries.


  • Aged Primitivo
  • Tertiary aromas
  • Full bodied
  • Complex
  • Robust flavour

Tips by the Italian Sommelier


Region: Puglia
Vintage: 2014
Closure: Cork
Bottle volume: 750 ml
Blended Info: Primitivo 100%
Serving Temperature: 18°C. Below this temperature, the aromas will be restrained.
Type of Glasses: Large red wine glass
Decanting: 30 minutes before serving
Time of opening: 30 minutes before consuming
Tips: This wine is also a “meditation” wine which means that it may also be drunk without food.


Vivid ruby red colour. Its bouquet presents sweet vanilla flavours combined with scents of fruit jam, plum and morello cherries. Robust, but very balanced despite its high alcoholic strength. Excellent persistence.

Food pairing

Pairs well with Indian cuisine, flavorful soups and blue cheese.