2016 Cincinnato Raverosse Cori Rosso DOC
2016 Cincinnato Raverosse Cori Rosso DOC
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2016 Cincinnato Raverosse Cori Rosso DOC



• 6 bottle of 2016 Cincinnato Raverosse Cori Rosso DOC

You know when sometime in soccer you can put 3 players in the attack? Well, Cincinnato has done the same thing blending these three historical grape varieties of the region (Nero Buono, Cesanese e Montepulciano) making this a complex and harmonious wine that is elegant and structured.

Named after the territory where it is produced, the vineyards are located in red spurs of calcareous rocks connecting the Lepini mountains to the volcanic hills of the Cori countryside. The grapes are the highest quality thanks to the heat stored and slowly released over night in these rocks. Stunning ruby red, harmonic and with scents of ripe red fruits.

Fantastic mix of classic grapes from the Lazio region. Each grape manages to bring their peculiar characteristic to this wine. The Nero Buono grape brings spicy notes while the Montepulciano grape transfers colour and a hint of fruit flavour, leaving the Cesanese grape to add the lean profile to it. A wine that sees a few years of aging adding an interesting bouquet to the nose and structure on the palate.


  • Ruby colour
  • Violets and flowers
  • Dark fruits
  • Slightly aged
  • Fresh
  • Mineral component

Tips by the Italian Sommelier


Region: Lazio
Vintage: 2016
Closure: Cork
Bottle Volume: 750 ml
Blended Info: Nero Buono, Cesanese e Montepulciano
Serving Temperature: 16°C.
Type of Glasses: Large red wine glass
Decanting: Not necessary
Time of opening: When ready to drink
Tips: This wine could be stored for extra 2-4 years in a cellar.


Ruby red colour with purple highlights; intense nose, dry, harmonic palate with an elegant finish.

Food pairing

Pairs well with soups, meat and dishes with strong flavours.