2017 Cincinnato Polluce Nero Buono Lazio IGT
2017 Cincinnato Polluce Nero Buono Lazio IGT
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2017 Cincinnato Polluce Nero Buono Lazio IGT



• 6 bottle of 2017 Cincinnato Polluce Nero Buono Lazio IGT

Cincinnato offers a great opportunity for consumers to taste ancient, rediscovered grape varieties. A version of 100% Nero Buono that certainly enriches any cellar.

Named after the mythical Dioscuri to whom the temple of Castor and Pollux is dedicated and which the archeological remains enrich Cori’s heritage. Wine of refined elegance obtained entirely from the vinification of Nero Buono, an ancient grape variety of millennial tradition, recuperated and relaunched by Cincinnato thanks to research and testing which have documented its particular qualitative characteristics.

Nero Buono is a vine that has left its mark in the history of the Lazio region. Perhaps a vine that is almost forgotten today, but thanks to companies such as Cincinnato we can now enjoy a very pleasantly structured wine but also very elegant.


  • Dark colour
  • Dark fruits
  • Spices
  • Complex
  • Velvety
  • Vibrant

Tips by the Italian Sommelier


Region: Lazio
Vintage: 2017
Closure: Cork
Bottle Volume: 750 ml
Blended Info: Nero Buono 100%
Serving Temperature: 16°C
Type of Glasses: Red wine glass
Decanting: Not necessary
Time of opening: When ready to drink
Tips: Serve this wine slightly chilled (16°C) and slowly let warm up in the glass.


Ruby red colour with purple highlights; intense and fragrant nose with scents of red fruits; delicate fruity palate, harmonic, with an elegant complexity.

Food pairing

Suitable to be paired throughout the meal with strong tasting dishes like braised meat and Indian dishes.