2018 Livon Soluna Venezia Giulia IGT
2018 Livon Soluna Venezia Giulia IGT
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2018 Livon Soluna Venezia Giulia IGT



• 6 bottle of 2018 Livon Soluna Venezia Giulia IGT

The grapes are harvested by hand using boxes which are let to dry for ten days under the sun and under the moonlight. Hence the name “Soluna” (Sun & Moon in Italian) which represents the two faces of this wine. It has a fresh component that derives from the vine that grows on marl soil and warmer tropical notes. Malvasia is a fascinating grape variety that Livon has managed to express a beautiful concept.

What a happy expression of Malvasia grapes! This wine manages to retain the aromatic character of a historic vine while tells the story of its land of origin. The name of the wine is also very suggestive because it indicates the harmonious soul of this wine.


  • Yellow colour
  • Fruity
  • Generous taste
  • Minerality
  • Versatile matching

Tips by the Italian Sommelier


Region: Friuli Venezia Giulia
Vintage: 2018
Closure: Cork
Bottle volume: 750 ml
Blended Info: Malvasia Istriana 100%
Serving Temperature: 12°C. Below this temperature, the aromas will be restrained.
Type of Glasses: White wine glass
Decanting: Not necessary
Time of opening: When ready to drink


It has a golden yellow colour and an intense bouquet. The taste is soft, full, generous and distinguished.

Food pairing

Great with grilled fish, shellfish and a variety of seafood. It also makes an excellent aperitif.