Barolo Barbaresco Wine Club
Ba e Ba – Wine Club
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Ba e Ba - Wine Club

$640.00 every 2 months

6 unique Barolo & Barbaresco wine bottles delivered to your door.

The King & Queen of Wines, the Nebbiolo Royalty.

BA e BA stands for “Barolo and Barbaresco”, which are the two most appreciated and famous styles of wine since the beginning of the 1900s when noble families started making wines in this area.

Barolo and Barbaresco have so many characteristics that it is impossible to create a generic name for them. Famous for their peculiarities, these are wine styles that have to be appreciated by the most refined palate. The Nebbiolo grape can be quite dry and high in tannin – not a simple, easy-drinking wine.

If you are a collector and is constantly looking for notable vineyards, a particular vintage, or a unique style, let our experienced sommeliers do the heavy lifting for you! Currently, there are 181 vineyards for Barolo and Barbaresco exclusive wine production, and we have easy access to all of them to make sure our members get the best of the best.

In this club, IWS sommeliers will pick special bottles to surprise each member according to your tasting profile! And yet, you will be invited to attend closed BA eBA Masterclasses, where we’ll teach about these wine styles in-depth alongside fantastic food pairings and great company!