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Chianti – Wine Club
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Chianti - Wine Club

$240.00 every 2 months

6 fantastic wine bottles delivered to your door.

The Most Iconic Italian Red Wine.

Chianti is such a unique land. Perhaps not entirely discovered by all wine lovers, but one of the most famous thanks to the Fiaschetto (a round-bottomed glass flask for wine fitted with a woven, protective raffia basket that also enables the bottle to stand upright).

There is a lengthy but delightful discovery process in our Chianti Wine Club. There are so much to be discovered, including different hills, vineyards, producers, and Chianti styles to be appreciated. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by each bottle we especially pick for you.

For Sangiovese lovers, this club aims to explore all the complex styles and blends that a bottle of Chianti can have. That’s the beauty of being part of a long project started by the Ricasoli family in 1141. Let’s keep their vision alive by enjoying some fantastic Chianti!