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Food Pairing Wine Club
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Food Pairing Wine Club

From: $180.00 / month

6 exquisite Italian wine bottles delivered to your door.

Discover the fantastic world of food and wine pairing.

What if your favourite meals were paired with just the perfect bottle of Italian wine every time? If you are passionate about food and want to boost your gastronomic experience with a great bottle of wine, you just found your club! Italian Wine Society created this enogastronomic journey based on two Italian culture’s main pillars: food and wine. Italians often use food as a vehicle to discover Italy, and no better drink than wine to enhance an extraordinary dining experience, whether picking from your cellar at home or suggested by a sommelier at your favourite restaurant. The best part is that you will learn the techniques of food and wine pairings throughout this journey. As a good “foodie”, your eating experience should always be a blast of pleasing sensations, which is our aim. Here, you will have the opportunity to taste new and exciting wines while appreciating them alongside your favourite dishes. “The best memories in life are those associated with wine and food. If we pause for a second, we can truly remember how many important moments we’ve celebrated, pairing the perfect wine with our chosen food. This is ‘enogastronomico’. An unforgettable combination of flavours.” – Daniel Marcella, Founder and Principal Sommelier at Italian Wine Society FOOD PAIRING DIETARY PREFERENCE: