intro to rare italian wine
Intro to Rare Italian Wines
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Intro to Rare Italian Wines


Course Overview

Italy is a champion of wine diversity, counting with more unique grape varieties than any other countries on Earth!

We have gathered a list of the Most Exclusive Wines from Italy, and spiced things up with some wine/terroir/winemaking/winery information.

Simply put, our Principal Sommelier Daniel Marcella, will give you access to rare Italian wines in Australia, not available on bottle shops or importers. Thanks to this course you can have Italian hidden gems in your wine selection. A perfectly customized list to fit your request.

This course is for both, Sommeliers or private clients looking for exclusive Italian products to add to your list, suggest to your customers or for private collection.

Thanks to the connections that the Italian Wine Society have, we can find unique wines to meet your needs, timely and with exceptional discounted prices.

Instructor: Daniel Marcella IWS Founder and Principal Sommelier

Course Delivery: Live and Online

Class Length: 1 hour lesson

Course Schedule:

  • Identifying your personal wine style
    • Sparkling wines: Metodo Classico, Metodo Martinotti or others
    • White wines: Light, Medium, Full Bodied
    • Red Wines: Light, Medium, Full Bodied
    • Dessert wine or Fortified Wine or others
    • Grappas: White or Barrique – Dry or Smooth (Aromatica)
  • Discussion of a specific Region – Appellation – Grapes
  • Identifying the size of the bottle: Classic size, Magnum, others
  • Identifying if there is a specific vintage requirement.
  • Identifying wines for special occasions such as birthdays or a newborn baby
  • Identifying the nature of the purchase: Wholesale or Private
  • Identifying budget
  • Identifying number of bottles to required

Additional Information

A tailored list of rare Italian wines will be sent to you within 5 business days after completions of this course.