Ionis Iulius Negro Amaro Salento IGP
2020 Ionis Iulius Negro Amaro Salento IGP
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2020 Ionis Iulius Negro Amaro Salento IGP



• 6 bottle of 2020 Ionis Iulius Negro Amaro Salento IGP

Negro Amaro is a fascinating grape for its ability to produce very different versions of themselves. This versatile grape is able to adapt to different winemaking processes from Oak, stainless steel and even concrete barrels. This particular vine is shaped by the soil, climate and different processing methods. The Ionis winery makes a young and refreshing Negro Amaro and it’s a great pick to drink every day with a nice meal!

Discovering the many facets of the Negro Amaro grape is fascinating. In this version, Ionis winery brings out a lovely fresh, but still very expressive Negro Amaro. This wine is harmonious on fruits and spices characteristics.


  • Purple rim,
  • Negro Amaro,
  • Fresh version,
  • Medium to full,
  • Sweet spices.

Tips by the Italian Sommelier


Region: Puglia,
Vintage: 2017,
Closure: Cork,
Bottle volume: 750 ml,
Blended Info: Negro Amaro 100%,
Serving Temperature: 17°C. Below this temperature, the aromas will be restrained,
Type of Glasses: Large red wine glass,
Decanting: Not necessary,
Time of opening: When ready to drink,
Tips: Served slightly chilled increase its pleasant fruity aromas.


A ruby red wine with a purple rim, pleasant fruity scents and varietal spices. The palate offers a great medium to full-bodied wine with medium acidity and tannins and an incredible explosion of sweet baking spices.


It is nicely paired with mushroom risotto, easter cake, medium-hard cheeses and lamb cutlets.