Italian BBQ Perfection
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Italian BBQ Perfection



  • Civico 10 Vermouth (750 ml)
  • Contessa di Radda Bianco
  • Contessa di Radda Rosso
  • Broccardo Barbera d’Alba
  • Amaro Sibona (500 ml)
  • Grappa di Barbaresco (500 ml)

Elevate your barbecue gatherings to a new level of sophistication with our “Italian BBQ Perfection” selection.

Crafted to complement the smoky flavours of the grill, this assortment brings together the finest Italian libations for a memorable culinary experience.

Each bottle in this selection is a testament to Italy’s rich wine and spirits heritage, designed to enhance your barbecue experience.

Whether you’re grilling steaks, seafood, or vegetables, “Italian BBQ Perfection” ensures that every dish is met with the perfect pairing.

Cheers to unforgettable barbecue moments!

Whether you’re igniting the grill for a weekend gathering with friends and family or indulging in a solo feast, these Italian treasures are here to elevate every bite and every sip. They’re not just beverages but companions on your quest for culinary excellence.

1. Civico 10 Vermouth (750 ml): Begin your journey with the complexity and herbal richness of Civico 10 Vermouth. A versatile aperitif that sets the stage for an unforgettable barbecue.

2. Contessa di Radda Bianco: Delight in the elegance of Contessa di Radda Bianco, a white wine harmonising beautifully with grilled seafood and poultry.

3. Contessa di Radda Rosso: Embrace the boldness of Contessa di Radda Rosso, a red wine that marries perfectly with grilled meats, adding depth and character to each bite.

4. Broccardo Barbera d’Alba: Savour the velvety texture and vibrant fruit notes of Broccardo Barbera alongside your favourite barbecue classics.

5. Amaro Sibona (500 ml): Conclude your barbecue feast with the enchanting bitterness of Amaro Sibona, a digestif that captures the essence of Italy’s herbal traditions.

6. Grappa di Barbaresco (500 ml): Elevate your post-barbecue moments with the refined Grappa di Barbaresco, a luxurious and aromatic sipper that lingers on the palate.