Italian Wine Appreciation
Italian Wine Appreciation
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Italian Wine Appreciation


Course Overview

This 2 hours lesson is an extraordinary opportunity to discover, enjoy and learn about the different aspects and subtleties of Italian wine.

This lesson is private, and you can ask any questions, live. Daniel will talk about the art of cultivating vines, methods, and preservation of the best Italian wines.

You will also learn about different Italian regions and we will include a brief overview of the Italian cuisine and culture.


Instructor: Daniel Marcella IWS Founder and Principal Sommelier

Course Delivery: Live and Online

Class Length: 2 hour lesson

Course Schedule:

  • How to read labels of Italian wine bottles.
  • The classification of Italian wines (house wine or original label, D.O.C and D.O.C.G.).
  • The traditional techniques of cultivation, fermentation and ageing used in Italy.
  • Wine terminologies
  • Wine production in Italy
  • New developments and nontraditional wines
  • Major Italian Wine Regions
  • Q&A

Exclusive Italian Wine Package Deals to Learn in Practice! (optional & only available to enrolled students)