Esplorando l'Italia Wine Club
Italian Wine Club
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Italian Wine Club

From: $169.00$199.00 / month

6 exquisite Italian wine bottles delivered to your door.

Discovering Italy one sip at the time.

Whether you’ve been to Italy and adore it, or it is on your bucket list for your next trip, this club will take you there, sip by sip.

This sensory journey is for true Italian lovers, and we’re not only talking about wine! Discover more about the Italian language, culture, art, history and immerse yourself into the Italian lifestyle wherever you live. There is no better way to explore this rich nation than through wine, learning about smaller appellations, regions, and obscure grape varieties that will make you a true connoisseur.

Let us guide you through the Italian hills, mountains and seas, discovering new towns and curiosities that will make you feel like you’ve already been there, yet, looking forward to going back again and again!

“I listened to my heart to create this club. Putting together all my Italian trips to various cities and towns, this club is a vehicle that takes you to those places. While travelling, we appreciate landscapes, architecture, people, and so much more! This club incorporates special wines, making your journey a round trip to my home. Welcome to Italy!” – Daniel Marcella, Founder and Principal Sommelier at Italian Wine Society