Southern Sunshine
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Southern Sunshine



  • Apollonio Verdeca
  • Tombacco Pecorino
  • Artigiano Rosato
  • Tombacco Aglianico
  • Mucci Montepulciano
  • Petrosino Syrah

Get ready for an immersive adventure as you explore the dazzling vineyards of Southern Italy with our exclusive “Southern Sunshine” mixed wine box.

This carefully curated selection of 6 bottles embodies a harmonious blend of flavours, encapsulating the true spirit of the Mediterranean’s sun-drenched landscapes and fertile earth.

Indulge in this captivating assortment and let your taste buds savour the essence of Southern Italy’s winemaking heritage.

Experience the Mediterranean Tapestry, a selection that unveils the rich and diverse wine culture of Southern Italy, transporting you to its picturesque landscapes with every sip.

The Mediterranean Tapestry:

1. Puglia White: Transport yourself to the sun-kissed shores of Puglia with this zesty white wine reminiscent of coastal beauty.

2. Abruzzo White: Dive into the elegance of Abruzzo with a delicate masterpiece weaving together floral aromas and crisp, mineral freshness.

3. Fresh Rosato: Capture the vivacity of Southern Italian leisure with a wine that radiates with lively fruitiness, evoking alfresco gatherings under the Mediterranean sun.

The Heart of Southern Red Wines:

4. Aglianico Beneventano: Experience the magnificence of Aglianico from Benevento, a wine steeped in history with dark fruit richness and a hint of smokiness.

5. Montepulciano: Journey into the rustic charm of Abruzzo with an intense wine brimming with dark fruit character.

6. Primitivo: Immerse yourself in Puglia’s warmth with Primitivo, where plum and spice dance harmoniously, capturing the region’s passionate spirit.