Summer wine box
Summer Wine Box
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Summer Wine Box



  • 3 x Feudio Arancio 
  • 3 x Astrale Chianti

With these six bottles, you’re invited to savour the distinct character and craftsmanship woven into every drop, offering a delightful exploration of the diverse and captivating landscapes of Sicily and Tuscany.

Elevate your wine collection and embark on a sensory escapade through the enchanting realms of Feudo Arancio Rosato and Astrale Chianti. Order your collection today and immerse yourself in the remarkable beauty and artistry of these extraordinary Italian wines.

Cheers to unforgettable moments and the captivating allure of Sicilian and Tuscan viticulture!

Indulge in the mesmerizing allure of Sicily’s splendid vineyards and the sun-soaked Tuscan hills with our carefully curated collection of 3 Feudo Arancio Rosato and 3 Astrale Chianti wines. Each bottle embodies the essence of its terroir, crafted with meticulous care and a profound respect for the noble Nero D’Avola grape, ensuring a sensory journey that will enchant and delight the palate.

Feast your senses on the exquisite Feudo Arancio Rosato, where the juice is delicately bled out of the tank after four hours, allowing its enchanting blush hue to blossom. The dry yet vibrant profile unveils an impressive fruit intensity reminiscent of delicate floral notes that evoke the essence of blooming roses. With a palate boasting a gentle grip and a tantalizing savoury undertone, this wine’s saline tang beckons for a culinary companion, offering a taste of the coastal vineyard’s maritime climate and unique coastal charm. Ranging from 6 to 60 meters above sea level, this vineyard’s influence lends a distinctive character that elevates each sip to an unforgettable experience.

Experience the Astrale Chianti, resplendent in its light ruby red hue, exuding the alluring aromas of ripe red cherries and the aromatic charm of Tuscan mountain herbs. Delight in the medium-weighted cherry fruit that intertwines gracefully with notes of dry earth and woody herbs, bestowing upon it a captivating complexity that speaks of the region’s rich heritage. The ample grainy tannins accentuate its savoury essence, ensuring a lingering, driven finish that leaves a lasting impression on the palate, inviting you to savour each moment and explore the depths of its Tuscan legacy.