2016 Venissa Bianco
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2016 Venissa Bianco



This rare and unique wine is made from the Dorona di Venezia grape variety, which is indigenous to the Venetian lagoon and considered a nearly extinct grape variety. With only a limited quantity being produced each year, you’ll get a highly-regarded wine considered the finest white wine produced in Italy by wine critics.

Known for its golden colour and aromas of honey, tropical fruit, and floral notes, combined with a rich and full-bodied palate with a creamy texture and apricot, peach, and vanilla flavours. Venissa Bianco is fermented and aged in oak barrels for a while before bottling, giving it a complex and well-rounded taste. With a long and persistent finish, Venissa Bianco pairs perfectly well with sophisticated seafood dishes and pasta with cream sauce or white meat.

Exclusively imported to Australia by the Italian Wine Society, this wine was handpicked by our head sommelier aiming to take you on an imaginary gondola journey, inhaling the scents of lively Venice in your glass.

This limited edition wine comes in crafted wooden packaging and a unique handmade golden label, making it a very attractive gift or collectible! 

It is a spectacular wine not only for the great harmony between nature’s and man’s work in the making of this wine but for its soul, expressing depth and elegance that is unmatched by any other wine in the world. Also, tasting such a mysterious variety like the Dorona grape makes us realise how great the Italian wine scenario is, particularly in Venice.


  • Deep yellow
  • Flowers
  • Stone fruits
  • Spices, Saffron
  • Length
  • Rare

Tips by the Italian Sommelier


Region: Veneto
Vintage: 2016
Closure: Cork
Bottle volume: 500 ml
Blended Info: Dorona 100%
Serving Temperature: 11°C. Below this temperature, the aromas will be restrained.
Type of Glasses: Large white wine glass
Decanting: No
Time of opening: 15 minutes before


The ability of the Dorona grape to adapt to the environment of the Venice lagoon has created a symbiotic relationship between this grape variety and its native terroir. This relationship expresses itself with elegance, freshness, and great character.

Gold in colour, the nose exhibits aromas of yellow fruits and chamomille hints of dried citrus peels. The palate is well-structured, filling and fresh with a velvety texture. Notes of honey, walnuts and licorice appear in their dry, savoury and persistent finish. Venissa is a great collector’s white wine with a long-life expectancy.

Food pairing

A fantastic wine to pair with rich seafood, aged cheeses or by itself as a meditation wine.